We check statements from politicians, pundits and prominent public figures about issues which you are interested in. Fact checks will also be undertaken on some viral claims, hoaxes and memes which are widely shared on social media but do not come from a specific person.

When we are looking at potential checks, we ask ourselves a few questions to see whether a statement or claim is appropriate for fact checking.

Is it verifiable? We don’t check opinions which are subjective value judgements, entirely speculative, or based on moral or philosophical argument.

Is it likely to be widely seen? We aim to check the veracity of claims which may have an impact on the public debate, and therefore have the potential to mislead a lot of people.

What is the source of the claim? We are more likely to check claims from those who have a significant voice in public debate, such as politicians and public figures.

Is it newsworthy? We fact check things which are part of the current conversation, so will focus on current issues as they come up.

Would you hear or read the claim and wonder about it’s veracity? Ferret Fact Service’s aim is to inform the public, and so we aim to check statements which can be questioned.