There are a number of ways that you may get notifications about new stories from The Ferret.

You can opt-in and opt-out of all services directly. However, should you be feeling deluged with notifications here’s some help on how you can manage them better.

Browser Notifications

When you first visit our website you may be prompted to opt-in to our free browser notifications. 

If you opt in to receive these notifications and then subsequently decide you no longer wish to receive them, you need to opt-out by changing the settings in your browser. 

You can do this on this page:

Additionally here are some links that show how you can turn them off for different browsers:

Unfortunately, we can't turn browser notifications off for you at our end, because we cannot identify individual recipients.  

Remember too, that you should edit the settings on the device and browser where you receive the notifications. Browser notifications are sent to a 'browser' not a person. 

Email alerts

The Ferret sends out a number of email alerts to our subscribers. When you sign-up as a paying member we automatically add you to our weekly digest email and our daily email alerts for new stories.

Ferret Underground members receive our weekly email only.

There are links in the footer of all the emails we send out which allow you to opt-out of these emails at any time.

You can manage your communication preferences from the account page on our website. To find it, you should:

If you decide to opt-out of receiving emails from us, but are a paying member, we may still need to send you 'business critical' service emails relating to the management of the co-operative or your payments from time to time. We do our best to keep these to a minimum.

SMS messages

If you've supplied us with your mobile phone number you may receive occasional SMS messages from us. 

You can opt-out of this by altering your communications preferences from the account page on our website. To find it, you should:

Need help?

The last thing we want is to annoy our supporters with too many notifications. So if you do have any trouble managing the messages we send you directly, and the advice in this post hasn’t helped, then please do let us know by using our contact form and we’ll do our best to help you.